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Construction Suite - Australian Edition

3D Modelling, Working drawings, Partner integration, quantities, wall framing diagrams

Envisioneer Construction Suite is our complete Building Information Modeling (BIM) toolset. Construction Suite is designed for building professionals who need a complete software system to improve all aspects of their business.

  • Create new building concepts and designs in full 3D for collaboration and marketing.
  • Produce complete working drawings for certification
  • Generate detailed bill of materials and estimates, then
  • Communicate directly with your estimating, point of sale and accounting systems
  • Comes complete with all Australian Catalog Contents and drawing template.


…all in one comprehensive, easy to use software.

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Photorealistic Renderings

Envisioneer Construction Suite is completely integrated with our our our Australian estimating program “Easy Estimator Lite”.

Quantities for both materials and labour, PLUS working drawings and realistic presentations. PLUS full integration with our estimating software.

Quickly Trace over your PDF, DWG or image drawings to quickly quantify all material and labour. And to quickly create your BIM model to product working drawings and realistic presentations. PLUS import the quantities into Easy Estimator and produce a full bill of materials and all purchase orders.